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Psychotherapist in LondonIf you are struggling to overcome painful problems or you simply want to develop your potential and live a fuller life, it can be helpful to have a caring, knowledgeable and skillful person to talk to. That is what I offer.  I will make sure you feel seen, heard and appreciated as a unique individual in all of your richness and complexity. While I will help you understand the nature and origins of your problems, I will also help you see and use all of your strengths and talents toward making the life you want.

Psychotherapy and life coaching do have some things in common, but they are different in their emphasis and the methods they use. If we work together in psychotherapy, I will help you understand and resolve difficult issues that are getting in the way of feeling good and functioning in your daily life.  If you don't have any major issues that are causing significant distress, but you want more joy and satisfaction in your life, then life coaching would be our approach. If you are not sure which approach is best for you, we can discuss it and decide together. I even offer a free initial consultation if required.

What I Can Help You With

Whether working together in psychotherapy or life coaching, a Psychotherapist can help you address any of the following challenges:

Benefits of Psychotherapy

  • Greater self-awareness and understanding
  • Decreased stress
  • More control over difficult feelings, such as: anxiety, depression, worry, anger, grief, shame.
  • More satisfying relationships
  • Increased confidence and self-esteem
  • Elimination of self-defeating and self-destructive behaviours
  • A sense of personal responsibility and empowerment
  • Greater flexibility and creativity in thinking and behaviour

Benefits of Life Coaching

  • More clarity about your life purpose
  • Setting of attainable goals
  • Individually tailored strategies and practices based on your unique interests and strengths
  • Support and challenge that keeps you motivated
  • Measurement of progress toward your goals
  • More joy and satisfaction in your life.

If If you would like life coaching by phone or webcam video please see Life Coaching by phone  


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