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Our relationships with others can be the source of our greatest joys and satisfactions, but they can also be the source our greatest challenges, distress and heartache. Whether we are relating with a spouse, partner, parent, child, friend, boss, or co-worker; if we are unable to express our needs and resolve conflicts, we will struggle and be unhappy.

Maybe it is difficult for us to trust others or open ourselves to intimacy. Or maybe we have trouble establishing boundaries and saying ‘no’ when we need to. It could be that we can’t control our anger and we have damaged our relationships with abusive words or actions.
The way we behave in relationships is usually related to what we learned about relationships while growing up. How we were treated and what we observed happening between other important people, such as our parents, siblings and peers can become an unexamined standard by which we live. If we adopted unhelpful or unhealthy habits, we will suffer the results in our relationships.

If you feel that a qualified Psychotherapist could help you understand some of these issues, please contact me. Remember I offer a free initial consultation that places you under no obligation, but may help establish if help is required.

People seek help with relationship difficulties of all kinds, such as:

  • Finding a partner
  • Dealing with a breakup
  • Parenting misbehaving children
  • Coping with an unfair or demanding boss
  • Making friends and establishing a social network
  • Resolving conflicts

If you are seeking help with relationship difficulties, we will work together to understand how your early learning about relationships contributes to your current behaviour. We will also explore some new ways of thinking and behaving so that you will be more effective at forming and maintaining satisfying relationships, resolving conflicts when they arise and coping when a relationship ends.

I can work with you individually in this way, or you can bring in your significant other and I can help you both work on your relationship together.


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