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Life Coaching and Personal Development

Professional Life CoachingWe are all born with certain gifts and potentials, many of which develop as a natural part of growing up in our family and culture. Our parents do their part, as do teachers and peers. We also grow as we naturally respond to whatever circumstances we find ourselves in.

But much of our potential lies dormant unless we actively and deliberately work at developing it. You may not have any serious issues like depression, anxiety, bereavement, addiction, or a terrible sense of self esteem, but maybe you are dissatisfied with your life and believe you could be, do and have so much more.

If you feel that a professional Life Coach could help you understand some of these issues, please contact me. Remember I offer a free initial consultation that places you under no obligation, but may help establish if help is required.

If you are seeking personal development, I can help you:

  • Clarify your sense of life purpose.
  • Set meaningful and attainable goals.
  • Assess all of your personal strengths, talents and resources that you can use toward attaining your goals.
  • Assess all of the obstacles, internal and external, that can get in the way of attaining your goals.
  • Develop strategies to attain your goals by using your strengths and addressing your obstacles.
  • Take a whole or integral approach that builds strategies and overcomes obstacles by addressing physical, psychological, interpersonal and environmental factors related to each goal.
  • Identify further learning opportunities to expand whatever knowledge and skills you will need to attain your goals.
  • Measure your progress toward each goal and adjust your strategies as needed.

The American psychologist Robert Kegan has said, “People grow best where they continuously experience an ingenious blend of support and challenge.” I believe that this is true and one of my goals is to embody this ingenious blend in my practice. So if we are working together toward your personal development, you can expect to receive much support and understanding from me around taking on this challenging work. I will also celebrate your successes with you.

And if you get ‘off track’ you can also expect me to remind you and hold you accountable for what you have said you want and what you have committed to do in order to make it real. This might be an opportunity to increase your efforts, or to re-evaluate what you want or what you are willing or able to do to get it.

Please contact me for advice on all aspects of professional Life Coaching. If If you would like life coaching by phone or webcam video please click on Life Coaching by phone  


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