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Psychotherapist in London

07503 598168


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Michael Dewan-Herrick PsychotherapistIf you would like more details about my services, or you have any other questions, call:
 07503 598168.

Alternatively you can email me at:

Office Locations
West Hampstead:
Achilles Road
London, NW6 1DZ
        (Jubilee line to West Hampstead and a 10 minute walk up West End Lane)

Please remember I always offer a free initial consultation.


Psychotherapist in London - Addiction Counselling in London - Anxiety Therapist in London - Background and Credentials - Fees
Bereavement Counselling - Psychotherapist for Depression - Personal Development & Life Coaching - Therapist for Low Self Esteem -
Counsellor for Relationship Difficulties - Psychotherapist for Stress Management