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Bereavement and Grief Counselling

Grief and bereavement counsellingDo you need help with an bereavement or grief? If so please take a few seconds to complete my simple form and arrange a free initial consultation for us to work out how we can ease your suffering.

We all lose someone or something close and important to us at some point in our lives. Such losses can include:

  • The death of a loved one
  • The end of a relationship
  • A miscarriage
  • A meaningful social role
  • A child leaving home
  • Some aspect of our health or functioning
  • Our home or homeland

The ensuing feelings can be very painful. And this on top of all of the things we then must do in order to adapt to our world now that it is different. We may feel deep grief and sadness, anger, shock, confusion, numbness, despair, or loss of faith. Without empathy, patience and support or encouragement to move through our feelings, grief can turn into depression or some form of addiction.

If you feel that a qualified Psychotherapist could help you understand some of these issues, please contact me. Remember I offer a free initial consultation that places you under no obligation, but may help establish if help is required.

If you are seeking grief counselling or support through bereavement, we will take time together to honour your loss and the feelings you have about it. I believe it is important to let yourself feel whatever you feel, express it and be heard in a deep way. While I am mindful of common stages of the grief process, everyone grieves differently and you will have your own pace for getting through it. I will respect your unique way and pace. As you are ready, I will also help you get back to living your life and once again finding meaning and joy in all that you still have and may yet realize.


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