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Addiction Counselling in London & Addictions

Addiction CounsellingDo you need help with an addiction? If so please take a few seconds to complete my simple form and arrange a free initial consultation for us to work out how we can ease your suffering.

We can be addicted to many things, such as, alcohol; drugs, cigarettes, gambling, food, sex, and the computer/internet to name a few. Addictions are often present with other mental health issues, such as depression or anxiety, and can be a way to ‘self-medicate’. While this may provide temporary relief from painful emotions or stressful problems, those emotions and problems usually remain and get worse when we don’t deal with them. Meanwhile our addictions begin to take their own toll on our health, relationships, jobs, and general life. This is a vicious cycle with potentially devastating consequence.

If you feel that a qualified, discreet Psychotherapist could help you understand some of these issues, please contact me. Remember I offer a free initial consultation that places you under no obligation, but may help establish if help is required.

If you are seeking help to overcome an addiction, we will work together to explore and understand its root causes and develop ways to tolerate and manage the feelings you have when you decrease or eliminate the addictive substance or behaviour. Through identifying and accessing your strengths and resources (rather than focusing on your weaknesses). Through Addiction Counselling we will put to use everything you have going for you physically, psychologically, socially and environmentally. With patience, perseverance, support and time you can overcome your addictions.


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